PR CENTER > Samsung SDI Partakes in InterBattery Europe 2023 to Showcase Sustainable Energy with PRiMX & BoT

Samsung SDI Partakes in InterBattery Europe 2023 to Showcase Sustainable Energy with PRiMX & BoT

  • Unveils its differentiating technologies with Super-Gap edge such as all solid-state battery, innovative structural design, high-efficiency fast-charging as well as BoT applications
  • Displays BMW i7 and Volvo FM Electric, first time to be featured at Samsung SDI’s booth

SEOUL, Korea – March 15, 2023 – Samsung SDI today announced its participation in InterBattery 2023 held in Seoul from March 15 to 17. The company is going to unveil the key line-up of Battery of Things (BoTs) applications featured by its own battery brand PRiMX and showcase differentiating battery technology with Super-Gap edge.

At the center of the booth sit ESG Zone and Core Technology Zone and the surrounding sections will display prismatic, cylindrical, pouch, and button batteries along with their respective applications including electric vehicles, IT and wearable devices, power tools, and ESS.

The booth occupied by Samsung SDI will have a large display to visually enumerate the company’s battery technology prowess and history, engaging the audience at the biggest battery fair in Korea.

In Core Technology Zone, visitors can get a peek at Samsung SDI’s differentiating technological advantage with the displays of all solid-state battery, innovative structural design, highly efficient fast-charging, safety technology, etc.

All solid-state batteries presented by Samsung SDI stand out in its anode-less technique with better battery life achieved by lithium anode solid electrolyte configuration. The company is expecting to complete the construction of the one and only solid-state battery pilot line in South Korea, in which sample production will commence in the second half of this year, including a range of tests to raise the completeness of the solid-state battery development.

Visitors dropping by Samsung SDI’s ESS Zone will have a chance to see the company’s new E5S modules and racks equipped with direct injection system and water cooling system for the ultimate safety. IT Zone and Power Zone will have various applications ranging from smartphones, wearable devices, AI robots, to power tools.

What’s going to attract everyone’s attention to Samsung SDI’s booth this year will be xEV Zone, with displays of BMW i7 2023 and Volvo FM Electric.

The New i7 is the first flagship fully-electric sedan by BMW built with Samsung SDI’s P5 prismatic batteries, which have high energy density by using high-nickel cathode with over 88% nickel and silicon anode. In addition to the New i7, these high-performance batteries by Samsung SDI power BMW’s other EVs such as iX and i4.

Samsung SDI’s booth will also have on display Volvo FM Electric, which is the first-ever large-sized, electric truck to be showcased in Asia. This fully electric heavy truck model uses approximately 28,000 units of 21700 cylindrical batteries. Samsung SDI applied high-nickel cathode over 91% and successfully implemented high outputs and high-energy density required for heavy duty commercial trucks. The company plans to run a variety of promotional events, one of which offers test-driving opportunities for visitors.

Volvo is also participating in EV Trend Korea, an eco-friendly mobility exhibition held along with InterBattery 2023, to showcase its heavy truck range, FH Electric.

“Samsung SDI strives to provide battery solutions that materialize sustainable future for everyone,” said Michael Son, the executive vice president and leader of Automotive & ESS Battery Business Strategic Marketing Office, and added, “Those coming to InterBattery 2023 will see what Samsung SDI holds for the battery industry – differentiating technological edge.”

On the first day of the fair, Joo-young Go, the executive vice president and leader of Automotive & ESS Battery Business Marketing Team, is poised to attend a session titled “The Battery Conference 2023” to lay out Samsung SDI’s differentiating solid-state battery technology under the theme of “Super-Gap Technology for Beyond LIB.”

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