Samsung SDI envisions a future where batteries powers and connects everything

Business Areas

Our business encompasses energy & material solutions through four divisions

Small-Sized Li-ion Battery

The Small-Sized Li-ion Battery division develops and sells battery products such as cylindrical-, prismatic-, and polymer-type batteries. This emerging market is accelerating through the growing demand in smart phones and tablets.

The demand for highly efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions is growing in innovative field such as electrical tools and E-Mobility. Accordingly We frequently extend our business range.

Automotive Battery

Samsung SDI concentrates on developing battery technology for low-carbon automobiles, working toward our vision in the field of the green and the clean energy solution.

By developing high-efficiency and high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery and supplying it to the automakers worldwide, we try to minimize harmful emissions such as CO2(carbon dioxide) from existing internal-combustion engine, thereby realizing sustainability through our products that are not only economic but also eco-friendly. We will go on making creative.

Energy Storage System

Samsung SDI joined the Li-ion ESS business in 2011. It is of the world’s top technologies for small-sized lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. After just three years of running the business, we have been ranking on the top of the industry. Our solution delivers the world’s most stable rechargeable batteries, as we were able to leverage from our vast experience in the small-sized battery business. ESS is a high quality solution, as it is utilizing the same highly reliable batteries that are used in BMW electric cars.

ESS is optimized for specific countries. This empowered us to leverage electronics in the home market of Japan and Europe, and in the commercial market in the US, faster than our competitors. As a result, in the third quarter of 2014, we became the number one provider in the global ESS market with a market share of 23.6%.

Electronic Materials

Our electronic Materials Business develops and sells materials used in the field of semiconductors and displays. We continuously increase efforts to strengthen the power in the existing markets such as TFT-LCD. At the same time we expand our leadership in the high-tech material fields of OLED and rechargeable batteries.

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