To make the world greener and sustainable through our innovative technology

To make the world greener and sustainable through our innovative technology

About Samsung SDI

From its inception in 1970 in South Korea, Samsung SDI has emerged as a global powerhouse in comprehensive rechargeable battery and material solutions.

Leveraging our cutting-edge super-gap technology and advanced materials, we craft customized solutions for the future of e-mobility, energy storage systems (ESS), IT, semiconductors, and displays.

Driven by a vision of shaping a sustainable and eco-friendly future, Samsung SDI is unwavering in its commitment to fostering new growth engines through transformation and innovation.

About Samsung SDI Europe

Samsung SDI Europe oversees sales & research and development (R&D) operations in the European region, focusing on the fields of automotive, ESS, small-sized batteries, and electronic materials.

Established in 2012, the head office of our European subsidiary is based in Ismaning (Munich, DE), supported by branch offices in Braunschweig (DE) and London (UK).

Our Core Values


We strive for excellence in everything we do, set high standards and continuously improve to exceed expectations.

Customer Success

We prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver exceptional value through personalized experiences and proactive support.


We foster a culture of innovation, embrace forward-thinking and creativity to drive meaningful change and to stay ahead.

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A Global Network

Samsung SDI’s global network consists of 31 locations in total, including the headquarters, the R&D center, production facilities and sales-focused locations.

Samsung SDI champions sustainability development to uplift humanity through its economic, environmental, and social leadership.

Samsung SDI has been committed to sustainability management since 2002, establishing a comprehensive sustainability vision and roadmap in 2003. This roadmap was developed through extensive evaluation of economic, environmental, and societal factors, incorporating feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and benchmarking industry leaders worldwide. In a pioneering move, Samsung SDI published its first sustainability report in Korea, setting a precedent for transparency and accountability.

In 2004, Samsung SDI established a dedicated sustainability management office to effectively address emerging sustainability challenges and integrate them into product development and business operations. This proactive approach has allowed Samsung SDI to engage meaningfully with society, delivering products and services that cater to the genuine needs of communities.

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