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Electronic Materials

Our electronic Materials Business develops and sells materials used in the field of semiconductors and displays. We continuously increase efforts to strengthen the power in the existing markets such as TFT-LCD. At the same time we expand our leadership in the high-tech material fields of OLED and rechargeable batteries.

Business Status

Increasing market power with our high-end technology and specialized business competence.
In 1994, Samsung SDI took the first step into the field of electronic material business by developing EMC, an encapsulant for the semiconductor. We have been strengthening our competence toward the world top level with our advanced technology and specialized capability spanning from the materials of semiconductor and display to the rechargeable battery and PV battery. Especially, we kept making an investment in R&D on the materials for OLED, a promising display in recent years. Thus we started mass production of ETL (Electron Transport Layer) in 2013 and later in 2014 we succeeded in developing PGH(phosphorescence green host), an OLED emission layer material by our own technology. In addition, we are focusing on the separator business, a core material of rechargeable batteries that play a central part of IT devices. Such efforts lead to financial achievement: our business has been growing since we started in 1994, and five of our products including SOH and SOD are now ranked global top three according to the 2014 market share. We are still endeavoring to raise those five products to the world’s number one.
Furthermore, we will devote ourselves for unceasing growth by precedently penetrating promising markets with, for example, the flexible display which is expected to be used for next-generation mobile devices, and by closely collaborating with our global partners.

  • EMC: packaging materials to protect semiconductor circuits from external environments, including moisture, heat, and shock
  • SOH: helps circuit to transfer properly to desired membrane for micro patterns
  • SOD: materials to insulate between different areas or layers inside of a semiconductor device



In R&D Center, your primary responsibility is to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies that lead the industry and market trends. Your expertise will play an essential role in conducting extensive research and development activities focused on “super-gap technology” in lithium-ion batteries and beyond.


In Technical Teams, you will offer unparalleled technical expertise to our esteemed customers in the field of lithium-ion batteries and facilitate valuable connections within the European energy industry network. Furthermore, you will act as a quality expert and trusted advisor for our customers, providing technical-oriented guidance and support throughout the entire product lifecycle, and ensuring a smooth transition from acquisition to market launch with specific focus after start of production (SOP).


As a Sales Team Member, your primary responsibility is to develop and nurture relationships with customers, maximizing the flow of information and staying abreast of market trends to identify new business opportunities. By actively coordinating and collaborating with cross-functional departments, you will play a pivotal role in supporting new project launches. Additionally, you will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring the timely delivery of agreements, utilizing various tools and systems to facilitate efficient communication.

Strategic Marketing

As a Strategic Marketing Team Member, you gather, analyze, and interpret market data and information to provide strategic insights and support decision-making across the organization. Your expertise will play a key role in shaping our market strategy, identifying opportunities, and staying ahead of the competition. Moreover, you will strategically engage in public relations, ensuring that organization’s interests are well represented and understood by the public.

Management Support

You will collaborate with various departments within the organization to help implement the business strategy and support the decision-making process. Your responsibilities will encompass a range of areas, including personnel, general affairs, financial affairs, planning, and legal affairs. By utilizing your knowledge and skills in system design, laws & regulations, data analysis, and effective communication, you will play a critical role in facilitating the smooth functioning of the organization.