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Samsung SDI Takes Part in DIFA 2023

  • The company unveils next-generation and premium battery lineups comprised of all solid-state batteries, 46-phi cylindrical batteries, and P6 batteries
  • Showcases a variety of Samsung SDI battery applications along with BMW i7
  • EVP Michael Son says, “We are presenting battery solutions primed for leading the future mobility market … Samsung SDI will deliver supreme battery experience for customers”

SEOUL, Korea – October 19, 2023 – Samsung SDI today announced its participation in Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo (DIFA) 2023 that run for three days from 19th October. This annual mobility exhibition is co-hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Daegu City, welcoming over 200 businesses in the mobility sector like batteries, electric vehicles. 

With its PRiMX brand batteries as the headliner of this year’s event, Samsung SDI displayed a spectrum of electric vehicle battery lineups imbued with its ‘super-gap’ technological competitiveness. 

The battery solutions presented by the company had two parts: the all solid-state battery and the 46-phi cylindrical battery as the next-generation lineup and two versions of Samsung SDI’s own prismatic battery products – P6 (sixth edition) and P5 (fifth edition) – as the premium lineup. 

Also integrated into this year’s showing was Samsung SDI’s roadmap for the all solid-state battery set to begin mass production in 2027. The company has recently commenced sample production at a dedicated pilot line built within its R&D Center, which demonstrates the drive to secure technologies for mass-producing all solid-state batteries. 

To offer visitors better insight into how its batteries work, Samsung SDI showcased a range of its battery applications such as BMW i7 powered by P5 batteries, e-scooters, etc. A section allocated for the ESG management showed Samsung SDI’s vigorous sustainability activities such as battery recycling and carbon reduction deployed under its long-term vision of “To make the world sustainable through our innovative technology.”

“We are presenting battery solutions primed for leading the future mobility market, which are enabled by our ‘super-gap’ technological competitiveness and unrivalled quality,” said Michael Son, the executive vice president and head of Automotive & ESS Battery Business’ Strategic Marketing Office. “Samsung SDI will endeavor to deliver supreme battery experience for customers.”

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